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Hi, my name is JJ and I'm a 18 year old Libra living in the mean streets of NYC. My blog consists of text posts regarding video games and tv shows, as well as fandom (Mainly Homestuck). I tag my text posts as Glasses dork.

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I’m literally a tired nerd with glasses, big lips, and a fucking hat who is also tired as fuck 40% of the time.

Why do y’all follow me? It’s for my beanie isn’t it? Can’t blame you, this beanie is rad as fuck.

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  1. delta-sigma-ipsil0n said: HELLA HELLA HELLA
  2. pizzeta said: stop with the cuteness or i’ll scream
  3. quesobandito said: nigga took an omega selfie. i heard you like selfies so i put a selfie in your selfie so you can see you selfie as you take a selfie
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